Bad handyman contractors Bad handyman contractors 99 cent tiles should never be used. Customer buys this. Not going to return it for better quality. 204930237 Handyman no longer has his heart in the work. Pay could of been less then his hours. 204930246 204992361 204992362 204992363 204992364 204992365 204992366 204992367 It's bad enough the roofer that did the whole roof did a bad job. And Now the second guy must add to the stupidest by using extreme colour contrast. WOW. Why you need to be nice to your contractor too. 204931329 204992368 Renter was used to tile floor because of back rent owning. Oh yea..... 204931330 201876066 This is what I found when removing carpet. Floor was soft, moving up and down. 204931331 204992380 204992381 204992382 204992383 204992384 204992494 204992495 204992496 204992497 201876068 204992499 204992528 204992529 204992530 204992531 204992546 Bad Contractor with Good Price Cheap tiling Quote = bad quality materials. Now I have to repair cracked and loose tiles. The money is not there to do it again -twice. 199526202