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Terms and Conditions:

Service calls: $ 200.00 minimum (Distance a factor).

Customers with a full day's work get priority

$45 per hour

Big jobs that go on for days and weeks, even months are to make regular payments as the work progresses. New customers will be asked to pay more often ("square up") with smaller amounts so the work can continue.


I don't Estimate Materials because I don't sell them. There's no mark-up so it's not in my interest to estimate something if there is no money in it for me.

Service Call Jobs must be Per Hour + cost of materials.

Some Quotes or Estimates over the phone / E-mail Estimate are possible. Give information needed for the estimate and send pictures a must. $60 for a personal "look and See" visit.

Texting me is best. Sometimes things are so busy it might take days to return your calls, texts. Sorry, But if I am servicing another customer I can't be talking to you right away.

 I have a good memory, just that it's a little short. I get overloaded with too many calls in my head and people might get forgotten.



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  3. What is your budget limits?
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