I love science because it’s about learning 


I’m a bit of a science guy. Seeing makes me want to learn more. Why is that like that, how did it get there? And how did it do that anyway? Science is the study of… (  A systematic study of the physical and natural world  ).


I am also a religious guy too. I Believe in a Grand Creator and the bible as the inspired historical record of man’s past and future. Keeping mankind in the loop as to who he is and where we are in relationship to him and this space and time of his making.


How old is God? Older than time itself of course!!! (Physical space-time).

How big is God? Bigger than space itself – our little universe (the small physical realm for physical creation).

How powerful is God? Crunch the numbers if you can. Our sun is a unit called one solar mass.


There are 150 billion galaxies known, last time I heard. So, if each has 100 billion stars with a black hole of 50 billion solar masses. That looks like 150 billion X 150 billion = 22,500 billion solar masses, plus planets, comets, dust and gases. And let’s not forget dark matter and dark energy too. Perhaps space and the structure of what time is for us. No Physical personage could ever get that big or powerful. No one physical being could have that much brain power. No one physical person could ever manage such a large universe on his own or with a group of helpers of physical nature.


God is in his our reality, own level of dimensions, has his own sense of time not physical. And has his own “space” if it could even crudely be called that. There are no human words to describe God’s nature, nothing to compare him with. So, it is not surprising to find in the bible the law to not compare God to things on the earth or in the heavens. We are told not to create images of God. All are offensive to him and give the wrong scale and power of what the true God is..


“…God went on to form the man out of dust”.

So, man was made from the dirt of the ground. All dirt is dead, there are no live atoms and not even molecules (groups of atoms). So, some great intelligence (God) invented mankind as a working, moving design. Not with magic or mystery but with intellectual supremacy too high and too far for the human mind to fully grasp.


  • “ blow into him nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living person (living soul)”.

Is man a living machine?

Or  just mechanical machine that thinks he is living?


The bible does not say a living soul entered the physical body of the man and he became alive.

There is no soul as described in the bible. As long as the body is fully functional, it is said to be alive. The DNA found in all cells speaks volumes as to what man is.


DNA is more than the codes of the book of life. More the just information. It is a superior then human intelligent programming for all the molecular machinery in the cells of the human body.

Not just human body, but all so-called “Living creatures” on this planet earth. All these “living systems” are fully self- automated molecular machines with smart programming.


  • It is because of this the “Blind Evolutionary” Theory has become more than wrong; it has been long dead for some time. The stench of its foul rotting theology is a noxious poison in the science class rooms. There is nothing blind and random about super intelligent DNA programming.
  • No Need for blind random evolution as a theory, if you already found intelligent automated systems that are known and repeatable. Mocking intelligent Design, when we all know there does exist intelligent instructions that control all the molecular systems of the cells and even the whole body is blind dogma of the dark ages. Atheism is darkness of a closed mind.

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