Here's the scoop on the poop with solar.

If you're like me and try to keep the cost down by doing it yourself. You'll find it does not work as good with solar.

Labour is cheap (your time), but the retail prices for everything you buy to get it up and running is a budget killer. It's like building a TV or computer by yourself from scratch. Going to the electronics store and buying bags of resistors and capacitors, etc. with all that time learning and 12 months later you're done with this new computer custom made. It only cost you 10X the normal price in the store at Walmart and it might have issues, because it's your first attempt in making one.

So it is with solar. $1.00 per watt is a rip off. That is to say, "my child, you don't know how good you got it in life!", nuclear power is so cheat and your so use to paying that price you're in for a shock when you try solar.

I have 3 solar panels rated 150 watts each X 3 = 450 watt (not Kw 1,000).

I never get the 450 watts, plus I lose 100 watts from the charge controller and the power inverter. In the end I can only hope to get 250 watts on the best of days.

That will run only the computer, 3 compact fluorescent lights (120v) and 3 small fans.

It will not run one small air conditioner (560 watts).Might need more on start-up surge.

It will not make the coffee in the morning.(850 watts).

It will not run the iron to press my cloths in the morning (1600 watt).

Can't even use the kettle 1400 watts.

You see, I only have a 1,000 watt power inverter and two batteries. WOW what a screw up.

News flash, we are all living in a dream world. The true cost of energy is something you have never had to pay for. With nuclear power you've been living a lie, power is never that cheap and one day you're going to find out the truth about the real world costs.

Let's do the math for a handyman do it yourself-ers. 

So $1.00 per watt , plus all the other stuff just to get it to really work right. And the bad news is it won't work at all on a rainy day, and on cloudy days you might get half of that power. 

Solar installers can do it for much less. Do the math first.